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I Sodi di S. Niccolò 2019 Brera Limited Edition

Price €220.00

I Sodi di S. Niccolò – Limited edition Brera was born from a project that combines art, solidarity and the promotion of young talents. A few unique bottles, each different from the other, hand painted by the students of the Brera Art School with a carousel of flowers, leaves and elements of nature, in harmony with the iconic bird that appears on the label. The elegant case is also personalized with a design created by the students. A precious edition whose proceeds will be partly donated to charity.

Governo di Castellare 2023

Price €11.50

The estate’s base wine produced using the traditional Tuscan vinification technique, which sees the addition of dried grapes after the first fermentation. Ready in the spring, this wine is soft, lively, easy to drink and can also be enjoyed cold in the fridge during the summer.

Chianti Classico 2022

Price €17.00

An authentic expression of Chianti Classico. Only native grapes, to maintain the most typical formula of the most famous of Italian wines, respecting tradition and the territory, enhancing the beautiful ruby ​​red of Sangioveto.

Chianti Classico Riserva

Price €29.00

A careful selection of the best grapes of the estate: only native varieties, without Cabernet or Merlot. A wine which best interprets the territory of Chianti Classico to obtain the best from every vintage. Ageing lasts for about 15 months in used barriques, followed by another 15 months in the bottle.

Chianti Classico Riserva Il Poggiale

Price €39.00

The Chianti Classico cru, a Reserve wine obtained from a single vineyard and which received from the critics the highest scores for its elegance and typical characteristics. A wine that showcases the enormous potential of the Sangioveto grape.

Coniale 2020

Price €64.00

Pure Cabernet Sauvignon, putting Castellare’s productive capacities to the test with the rest of the world. Work carried out in the vineyard and a wine-making process focused more on elegance than power. A result which, apart from the strong note of a Cabernet, goes a long way to illustrate the characteristics of the terroir.

Poggio ai Merli 2019

Price €75.00

Tuscany is a land of excellence for Merlot. Castellare merlot, thanks to the special location of the vineyard, has a rare personality. Since the first vintage it was defined as a monument to wine excellence.

I Sodi di S. Niccolò 2020

Price €91.50

Castellare’s top wine, ranked in the Wine Spectator Top 100 on multiple occasions and recognised with the prestigious Gambero Rosso’s Tre Bicchieri and Bidenda’s Cinque Grappoli ratings. The company takes great pride in demonstrating the greatness of the Sangioveto variety, paired with Malvasia Nera, achieving a worldwide position of sixth place.

I Grandi Cru di Castellare

Price €245.00

A special wines selection in a limited edition: it is the Castellare Grand Cru wooden box that contains one bottle of I Sodi di S. Niccolò, Poggio ai Merli and Coniale, the best selection of wines from the historic Chianti cellar for a surprising and exclusive gift idea.

Le Ginestre 2022

Price €11.50

Tangible proof that Tuscany is also a land of white wines, even if for the most part produced using international varieties. A pleasant wine to drink, in which the depth of a Chardonnay and the aroma typical of a Sauvignon Blanc come together in a delicate and equally full-flavoured blend.

Spartito 2022

Price €14.50

Canonico’s twin, but made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes, the most charming, yet also the most challenging white grape. Like its twin, recommended for those who love complex wines and characterised by rich fragrances, aromas and a long texture, even if made with white grapes. A wine ideal to savour as if reading the score of a great musical composition.

Canonico 2022

Price €14.50

A full bodied and complex white wine to drink aged. Capable of withstanding even the most flavourful dishes, thanks to the vinification in barriques and a long ageing period in the bottle. A Burgundian style Chardonnay, for those who love a wine with a depth of taste.