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Fico Bianco 2021

Price €11.50

A wine with a Mediterranean charcter born from the combination of an indigenous grape variety, Inzolia, and the most important international whte grape variety, Chardonnay. Intense aromas of flowers and white pulp fruit, from peach to golden aplle. Full and vibrant sip, with a persistent final return of citrus notes. The sculpture of prickly pears on the label is by great ceramist Giocamo Alessi from Caltagirone.

Moro di Testa 2019

Price €50.00

Syrah prefers sandy soils and the vineyards of Piano Spineto, the plateau located in the highest part of the estate, are the ideal habitat for this great grape variety. The image of the Moor on the label is taken from a sculpture made by Giacomo Alessi, the great ceramist from Caltagirone.

L'eterno 2019

Price €50.00

100% Pinot Noir. Inspired by the great Giacomo Tachis, who had perfect knowledge of this noble grape variety, atypical for Sicily and yet offering a rather striking opportunity for expression on the island and in particular on the Feudi Del Pisciotto estate. An expression of clear Burgundian character, consistent, but at the same time exceptionally fine and elegant, with the Eterno’s hand depicted on the bottle, Giacomo Serpotta sculpture whose restoration was funded by the Feudi Del Pisciotto estate, together with the involvement of some of Italy’s biggest fashion designers who have designed the labels for a number of wines produced by the estate.

Nero d'Avola 2021

Price €16.90

The grape variety that expresses the character of Sicily’s oenological tradition better than all the others. This wine, meticulously produced using the estate’s finest resources expresses, in absolute purity, the extraordinary elegance and ability of wine to improve over time. Label drawn by Versace.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Price €16.90

Sicily is a region where more or less all grape varieties can give their very best. In this land, Cabernet acquires absolutely unique characteristics. Lacking vegetal notes, typical of this variety in a non-ideal way, here, Cabernet is a wine of great structure and with a polyphenolic component ideal for optimal ageing. Label drawn by Missoni.

Merlot 2018

Price €16.90

Produced from one of the first vineyards planted on the Feudi del Pisciotto estates. A Merlot that expresses the full potential and character of this grape variety, which finds an ideal form of expression in Sicily’s terroir. Wine characterised by an important structure and power, while at the same time displaying exceptional elegance.

Frappato 2019

Price €16.90

As is the case with the Nero d’Avola variety, Frappato also demonstrates Sicily’s full winemaking potential, able to produce a powerful, persistent and very elegant wine that inspires the taster from its very first olfactory notes, which characterise it in an unmistakable manner. Label drawn by Carolina Marengo.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria 2022

Price €16.90

Cerasuolo di Vittoria is the first and only Sicilian DOCG wine. A wine with a great personality obtained through the vinification of the Frappato and Nero d’Avola grape varieties. Label drawn by Giambattista Valli.

Grillo 2022

Price €16.90

Grillo is the indigenous white grape variety that has been the subject of the greatest interest in recent times, due to its characteristics of aroma and freshness. Golden yellow color with notes of apple and pear that make it immediately recognizable. The design on the label is a work by Carolina Marengo.

Chardonnay 2020

Price €16.90

Sicily can be appreciated not only for its red wines, but also for the whites and international varieties offered. Chardonnay is perhaps the one that has the best adaptability among all non-native white grape varieties. In this wine, the varietal notes are brought into the spotlight and the good acidity characteristic of this grape gives it a freshness that also makes it ideal for ageing. Label designed by Alberta Ferretti.

Alaziza 2022

Price €12.90

In no other part of the world are the light and the moods of the land as extraordinary as in Sicily, claimed Giacomo Tachis. And it is precisely in this sun-kissed land that Alaziza was born. The label, which evokes elements of the Sicilian landscape immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere, is signed by the stylist Stephan Janson.


Price €13.50

A sparkling rosé with a Sicilian character, made from the best Nero d’Avola grapes of Feudi del Pisciotto vineyards: fine and persistent perlage, fresh and intense bouquet, great flavor and drinkability.