Oil, Vinegar and Grappa

Oil, Vinegar and Grappa

Oil, Vinegar and Grappa

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Grappa di Sangioveto

Price €27.00

The secret of great Grappas lies in the quality of the marc and the speed with which these are distilled, as they are therefore able to retain all the aromas and softness of the great grape. Grappa di Castellare is produced using Sangioveto marc, brought to be distilled within 36 hours and thus able to maintain the freshness of the aromas and notes typical of the grape. The result is a distilled wine of unparalleled finesse, remarkable in terms of its purity and quality.

Aceto di Castellare

Price €11.00

When wine goes bad it becomes vinegar. Aceto di Castellare is made with carefully selected wine and based on the refined “truciolo” or chips production method (the wine is percolated through wooden chips). A reverse challenge focused on defeating synthetically produced vinegars. A natural, unflavoured vinegar characterised by a colour which alone invites its use to season any dish or side dish.

Olionovo 2023

Price €25.00

Unlike wine which generally improves with ageing, extra virgin olive oil offers its best qualities when it is freshly pressed. In order to underline this characteristic, Castellare has patented the name Olionovo, expression literally meaning “new oil” and used by farmers to define fresh extra virgin olive oil that has just been pressed. Characterised by a deep green colour, just the right amount of spiciness, lively and pleasant on the palate.

Grappa di Rocca di Frassinello

Price €40.00

Obtained by distilling the pomace of Rocca di Frassinello wine, it is aged in small oak barrels and therefore amber in colour, lucid and transparent; it has a very intense nose with delicate notes of blackberry in the finish. It is supported by a great elegance that comes to the fore in a balance of aromas, ranging from floral and fruity notes to soft hints of vanilla and wood.