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White, Rosè, Sweet and Sparkling Wines

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Le Ginestre 2022

Price €10.50

Tangible proof that Tuscany is also a land of white wines, even if for the most part produced using international varieties. A pleasant wine to drink, in which the depth of a Chardonnay and the aroma typical of a Sauvignon Blanc come together in a delicate and equally full-flavoured blend.

Spartito 2022

Price €14.00

Canonico’s twin, but made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes, the most charming, yet also the most challenging white grape. Like its twin, recommended for those who love complex wines and characterised by rich fragrances, aromas and a long texture, even if made with white grapes. A wine ideal to savour as if reading the score of a great musical composition.

Canonico 2022

Price €14.00

A full bodied and complex white wine to drink aged. Capable of withstanding even the most flavourful dishes, thanks to the vinification in barriques and a long ageing period in the bottle. A Burgundian style Chardonnay, for those who love a wine with a depth of taste.

Vin Santo di S.Niccolò 2017

Price €28.00

Neither too dry nor too sweet. Produced in strict accordance with tradition, but with Malvasia Bianca and a small amount of Trebbiano grapes dried out in an aired area and not on “cannicci” (special wicker surfaces). And then in half-barriques with 20 to 30 year old deposits (“madri”). There’s never enough.

Vermentino 2022

Price €11.50

A vine that gives of its best in the Maremma as well as in Sardinia. The nose has a fine and delicate hint of fruit, with aromatic citrus notes that give the wine great freshness. It has a balanced taste, well-supported by its acidity and mineral component that give it sapidity and persistence.

Rosato 2022

Price €12.00

Produced entirely from Sangiovese grapes, harvested in the Rocca di Frassinello vineyards. A wine with a pale pink peach petal color thanks to the brief contact of the flower must with the skins. In the glass it expresses great freshness and sapidity, characteristics that refer to the Provençal style of the best French rosés.

Rocca di Frassinello Bianco 2021

Price €55.00

The best Vermentino grapes treated with care right from the harvest, and 10 months of permanence on the lees, allow to obtain a harmonious white wine, with a full and silky sip, rich in floral aromas, citrus notes and a distinctly mineral component which gives freshness and flavor. A wine of great persistence that is able to refine in the bottle for several years.

Fico Bianco 2021

Price €12.50

A wine with a Mediterranean charcter born from the combination of an indigenous grape variety, Inzolia, and the most important international whte grape variety, Chardonnay. Intense aromas of flowers and white pulp fruit, from peach to golden aplle. Full and vibrant sip, with a persistent final return of citrus notes. The sculpture of prickly pears on the label is by great ceramist Giocamo Alessi from Caltagirone.

Grillo 2022

Price €16.90

Grillo is the indigenous white grape variety that has been the subject of the greatest interest in recent times, due to its characteristics of aroma and freshness. Golden yellow color with notes of apple and pear that make it immediately recognizable. The design on the label is a work by Carolina Marengo.

Alaziza 2022

Price €12.50

In no other part of the world are the light and the moods of the land as extraordinary as in Sicily, claimed Giacomo Tachis. And it is precisely in this sun-kissed land that Alaziza was born. The label, which evokes elements of the Sicilian landscape immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere, is signed by the stylist Stephan Janson.


Price €13.50

A sparkling rosé with a Sicilian character, made from the best Nero d’Avola grapes of Feudi del Pisciotto vineyards: fine and persistent perlage, fresh and intense bouquet, great flavor and drinkability.

Passito 2016

Price €25.00

A true challenge: Gewürztraminer and Sémillon, two uncommon vines for Sicily, yet selected by Giacomo Tachis and used in equal proportions to bring to life a passito wine atypical for the island. Sémillon on its own would be too sugary. The Gewürztraminer, with its acidity, perfectly balances the wine, leaving the mouth clean. Label drawn by Gianfranco Ferrè.